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July 2023
BBB   promotion of   VoLTE Nurse Call   to expand private 4G/LTE/sXGP services in Japan
June 2023
JIT  completes SERVICE-IN of our   JIT-HA   supported APPLICATIONS GATEWAY CLUSTER with a Japan Tier-1 MNO
Dec 2022
Druid Software    RAEMIS 5G + LEADING SI/MULTI GNB INTEGRATION TESTING completed for Local 5G oppotunities
July 2022
JIT   successfully demonstate the   Druid   4G/5G SA core with concurrent private 4G sXGP eNB and  AI-LINK  SA local 5G gNB
June 2022
Sharp Acquos 4JIT have confirmed the newest sXGP device from Sharp with our Druid EPC. The Aquos 4 supports eSIM using 10T, VoLTE, SMS, Data over sXGP in addition to Local 5G.
Feb 2022
JIT & Druid Software   partnership to provide next generation sXGP/L4G/L5G EPC.
Jan 2022
Quortus  EPC technology & people are acquired by Ericsson's Cradlepoint.
Nov 2021
JIT participate in a Kyoto Smart City expo to discuss smart city evolution and private/local 4G & 5G networks & services.
Oct 2021
JIT confirm TeloSystems TE590P LTE device for private 4G networks. A robust & durable dual SIM android UE designed for PTT.
Oct 2021
JIT confirm JACS TD191 USB LTE Data dongle on a private 4G network. Ideal for connecting laptops/devices to a private network.
Sept 2021
ITEC   to deploy an on-prem Walkielabs PTT server with android PTT clients (Walkiefleet) using sXGP / private LTE.
Jul 2021
JIT   successfully complete an eSIM & sXGP trial using Quortus EPC, eSIM UE, JIT ACS and 10T Tech eSIM profile manager service.
Jul 2021
BBB   launch their sXGP portable kits enabled by the Quortus software 4G/LTE EPC.
Jun 2021
JIT     have completed a formal live trial of a complete sXGP environment in our Shibuya office. The testing included utilizing the latest multi-channel Accuver eNBs, Sharp UEs with the Quortus 4G/LTE EPC core.
May 2021
JIT   Access Control Server (JIT ACS) is updated to support eSIM SM-DP+ integration with sXGP / private LTE networks.
Apr 2021
JIT   are partnering with WalkieLabs to provide Push To Talk (PTT) solution for 4G & 5G networks.
Mar 2021
JIT   are partnering with Endeavour Technology to provide a network quality assurance solution for 4G & 5G networks.
Feb 2021
JIT   annouces our partnership in Japan with   Kudelski IOT , the industry leading IoT & Device security company.
Dec 2020
ITEC   complete sXGP trial in remote Forestry/mountain environment using Quortus EPC & JIT ACS.
Nov 2020
JIT   is supporting a large automotive company to evaluate private LTE/sXGP use cases in a cognitive city environment.
Nov 2020
JIT   release our user experience & analytics application for local & private 4G.